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September 16, 2011

How To Do A Strip Tease Video

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This article will be for those who are looking how to do a striptease video for the first time and want some pointers on how to do so while avoiding embarrassment. After all, not everybody is naturally graced at making it pop and drop, or teasing slowly as you strip off your clothes.

Don’t worry though, following just a few pieces of advice you too can look like you know exactly what you are doing for your striptease movies.

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One of the first tips you need to focus on is to have fun while remaining relaxed. There is nothing worse than someone who is all stiff and awkward while dancing, let alone trying to figure out how to do a strip tease movie. Take a few deep breaths, relax your muscles and allow the music to move your body.

Have confidence! The second tip is to believe you are sexy with every step of the way. The most sexy thing about the strip tease video is not the skin showing, not the clothes removing, but the sexual swagger than you eminate from your every move. That can only be done properly through confidence. Believe me, whoever receives the video is going to like it either way, you might as well be proud of what your mama gave you.

Always find the best song to use for your strip tease movie. This is because the song’s lyrics and beat have a lot to do with what your partner will be thinking about. They will assume you chose that song for a particular reason, so put some thought into it. It will really show.

Hit record and get rolling! You can’t do a strip tease movie without first turning on the camera, so don’t be shy. You can use a number of different things such as the web cam on your computer, your camera phone or a stand alone video camera with tripod. It really depends on your personal situation and equipment!

Now you are definitely armed with the best tips to perform a sexy strip tease movie. Can you imagine the look on that special someone’s face when they see this kind of sexiness.. from you? It’s exciting, that’s for sure. Remember above all else while you are doing your strip tease movie, to remain relaxed and confident as well as have fun! Whatever you’re feeling on the inside will shine through on the screen.


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