Best Bang for Your Buck Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Las Vegas promises its visitors many different things, whether its glitz, glamour or an escape from the drudgery of day to day life. However, for some, it can be hard to enjoy the full Las Vegas experience if you are travelling to the city on a budget. After all, Las Vegas is a celebration of all things spectacular! Therefore, if you’re planning to spend an evening visiting the city’s vast array of strip clubs, it pays to know which venues offer the best bang for your buck.

Free Ride

Free Ride To Las Vegas Strip Club

Many of the Las Vegas strip clubs that you visit offer a free transport service. By doing a little research online before your trip, you can establish which clubs offer free transport to and from your chosen strip club. To book your transport, simply call the club and speak to them about the size and needs of your party. For smaller parties, travel in style using the company limousine. If you’re a larger party, you can enjoy free strip club travel in a party bus. Once the night has ended, simply text your driver to collect you and take all your guests back to the hotel safely. For best results, ask your chosen venue about any special offers, the price list and dress code. Also, make sure that you look at reviews to ensure that there are no hidden costs.

Avoid using taxi’s to get to your destination as many of them charge strip clubs a finder’s fee for any patrons that they bring to the clubs. You may ask for the best strip club in Las Vegas, but if they aren’t paying the driver to bring you there, that might not be what you get.

Skipe The Line

Free Club Entry & Drinks In Las Vegas

With a little research and careful planning, it is possible to minimize expensive drinks costs by looking at which Las Vegas strip clubs offer free drinks, or half price drinks to early customers. This practice is usually much easier for female customers who sometimes benefit from female only offers and guest list benefits. Some clubs may offer guest passes, bottle service or drinks packages which can help to lower costs to a more affordable level. Again, this all depends on the events that are running at the time. For early birds, check out Happy Hour times as alcohol is always cheaper during these times.

Bottle Service

VIP Strip Club Packages

Those who are in Vegas to party will certainly benefit by checking out the party packages available at their chosen strip joint. Many of the basic packages include transport to the venue, two complimentary drinks and free entry to the club. However, it is possible to opt for a higher package that suits the needs of your group. Furthermore, some Las Vegas Strip Clubs offer larger discounts for online bookings. To find out all the information, call the strip club to discuss your party plans and choose the best available package.  

Experience Room

Experience Rooms

Opting for a strip club that offers more in terms of experience can help to reduce your costs on a night out. For example, some of the larger strip clubs also contain a nightclub for dancing, live bands, casino and restaurants. These means that you’ll travel less and won’t incur entry fees to other nightclubs. For those travelling in a mixed party of men and women, clubs such as Sapphire offer a male revue on certain days, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.



Okay, so I’ve mentioned Happy Hour before, but did you know that some strip clubs like Cheetahs offer free pizza and wings during Happy Hour? They aren’t the only strip clubs to offer a freebie either. The Crazy Horse III also gives away free pizza during big games and sporting events, so taking the time to plan carefully is an essential way to ensure that you always get the best value for money. Particularly as some venues run happy hour all day long.


Research Customer Reviews

Those hoping to experience the best of the Las Vegas Strip Clubs nightlife will want to ensure that they seek out all the best clubs before they hand over their hard earned cash. That’s why reading about other customer experiences can really help to ensure that you make a good decision. After all, there is no harsher critic than a paying customer! Luckily, Las Vegas has a website for every occasion. At StripAdvisor, you can read reviews of all the popular Las Vegas strip clubs and separate the hype, from the hapless. With such a unique tool close to hand, you can ensure that you make the most of your trip to Las Vegas without going over budget.


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