Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

Before you go into “kid in a candy store” mode when it comes to visiting Las Vegas you’re your bachelor party, understand one thing now:


The night of a bachelor party is one that should go down in history.  A night that deserves illustrious speeches from life long friends, as one of our favorite movie scenes, The Hangover.

Here in Las Vegas, a/k/a good ol’ “Sin City,” there’s clearly a RIGHT WAY to go about planning your Las Vegas bachelor party, and there’s an absolutely a WRONG WAY to go about planning for that party. The wrong way starts off with the wrong way of thinking about what you need to do as the Bachelor to make sure you are able to get exactly what you want, and not some ill-planned, depressive, watered-down version. It’s as simple as that.

Our biggest word of advice to all you party-planning bachelors is to first figure out what exactly it is that you want to do while in Las Vegas. You need to decide on this well before you arrive at McCarron Airport. Don’t come here and expect to have magic things unfold that way you have imagined it based on the luck-of-the-draw planning method. If you do that? You’re going to be totally disappointed. Trust us.

Truth be told, there is an abundance of starry-eyed tourists that fall into the local trap of folks staggering into a late-night taxi or limo and asking to be taken to their “recommended” strip club. Chances are, you’ll end up at a location that doesn’t host the most attractive women or have the have the best service or have the best food. You’re only there because the club pays kick back to the drivers for bringing you there. Don’t do it. That’s too much of a gamble even here in Las Vegas! Hardly the VIP experience that is desired.

SO, WHAT IS THE RIGHT WAY, you may ask? Well, let us tell you. Book your special night(s) with StripAdvisor and put your trust into those people who can actually bring your dream Bachelor Party experience to life. When you book with StripAdvisor, that’s all you have to do. We do the rest for you, from start to finish. Our StripAdvisor hosts can:

SO, WHAT IS THE RIGHT WAY?  We have that answer.

  • Provide top-notch transportation with a pre-booked, on-time, customer-service oriented VIP limousine service to as many clubs as you want to visit.

  • Arrange for a comp bottle with mixers on board the limo to help get the evening rolling off to a great, celebratory start and keep it rolling throughout the night’s course of events.
  • Arrange for VIP entry to the Top Ten Strip Clubs in Las Vegas. You won’t wait in line… you won’t be paying a cover charge. You and your guests with be treated as VIP

  • Guests throughout the evening and will enjoy the entire evening without any hassle whatsoever! Everything you need for your special night will be handled for you by your personal VIP Hostess.

  • Arrange for preferred seating in the club. This can be done when you take our advice and plan ahead! Vegas is Vegas, folks, and one of the top destination spots on the planet, so the best seating is always subject to availability, of course. So, once again - take our cue again and plan ahead before arriving in Vegas!

  • Guarantee that your special night will be packed with a total VIP experience, encompassing the best clubs, the absolutely hottest female dancers in Las Vegas, and the best local VIP treatment and top-notch service.

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