The Ultimate Guide to Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Here’s the one and only Ultimate Guide that you will ever need to have when you are looking to

spend some time at the best strip clubs that Las Vegas has to offer. There’s an more than easy

way to make sure that you and your guests get the best service, best experience, greatest meals, and top-shelf cocktails. For an effortless evening or event, take advantage of the one-stop shop that is known as StripAdvisor. Why? Our Hosts and Hostesses follow some simple rules and guidelines when it comes to taking care of our patrons. We are confident that we have JUST what you are looking for, and we will make sure that our patrons get the amazing experience they want!

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10 Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Vegas Strip Clubs

  1. Thou shall not stand in long lines with your guests, wasting valuable party time. Never, ever, ever!

  2. Thou shall not waste precious leisure time and squander hard-earned money by visiting Las Vegas and arriving in Sin City utterly unprepared and not connected to the right people.

  3. Thou shall not assume that waiting in line for more than an hour magically guarantees entrance to a club.  You might be waiting for hours, and still not get into the club that you want. Time spent that you absolutely cannot get back.

  4. Thou shall not pay hard cash for things called “lines and passes” only to find out that you are still going to stand there, only to witness StripAdvisor guests walking right in, right passed you, with their Host.

  5. Thou shall not make the mistake of assuming you will be recognized as “anyone” here in Las Vegas just because you assume you are a big shot back home. Trust us when we tell you – that won’t mean anything at all here in Las Vegas. To door staff, you are just one other tourist in a never-ending sea of tourists that visit here. Harsh? Yes. True? Definitely. Just accept it now and move on. If you become surprised by it once here, well, we told you so.

  6. Thou shall not suffer intolerable wait times in long taxi lines. When you’re ready to go? Your StripAdvisor transportation will be summoned immediately with just a simple, little click of a finger. Hardly takes any time at all.

  7. Thou shall not arrive at a club with a large party and expect to just walk in. It doesn’t happen that way here, no matter what you’ve heard. Don’t believe your own hype. The doormen have heard it all before from every tourist that ever visited here from the inception of time. Not to worry. Stand back and act cool while your StripAdvisor Host smooths out all those pesky details for you.

  8. Thou shall never be conned by any non-exclusive limousine service. It doesn’t work. Period. Another gamble that will not be worth taking.

  9. Thou shall not assume that the rules of Vegas nightlife are fair. They’re not.  And no one here cares that anyone who isn’t a local thinks about how things are done here. See, it’s all a game, so make sure you engage with a company that knows how to play that game. And play it well.

  10. Thou shall tip your StripAdvisor Host to the maximum, for it is she or he that will deliver the promised land to you and all your friends!

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