Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

CategoryStrip Clubs
LocationsLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

Larry Flynt’s Hustlers Club is a world-class event center and nightclub comprised of 70,000 square feet of elegance. Spread across three floors you will find sensual intoxicating women, six affixed bars with drink specials, 15 private honey suites, a boutique, 24/7 kitchen, the finest champagne & wine selection, raised exclusive VIP seating, and a year-round oasis of bliss on the rooftop.  Come enjoy the luxuriant, astounding architectural fantasy of Larry Flynt’s Hustler Mega Club Erotic Event Center of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Adorned by a relaxing cyclone of breezy curtains and cabaret-styled sofas, here you will find a comfortable escape from the action and address any special needs to suit the palette or the senses. The VIP Bar and VIP Stage make for a good time or check out one of the many intimate levels filled with ladies dancing and relaxing in a more enclosed atmosphere.



  • Category: Strip Club
  • Club Type: Topless
  • Age: 21
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Bottle Service: Yes
  • Transportation: Yes
  • Parking: Yes
  • Cover: $30-$50
  • Food: No
  • Cash: Yes
  • Credit: Yes
  • Parking: Valet



Monday: 24HR
Tuesday: 24HR
Wednesday: 24HR
Thursday: 24HR
Friday: 24HR
Saturday: 24HR
Sunday: 24HR

04 Reviews

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  1. 4
    nickitina Submission Feb 19, 2019

    massive place free shots

    this place is huge inside wtf?? countless beautiful girls too i was impressed. i also really appreciate the dj's choice in music. kept a great vibe going all night. free "shots" every hour or so was pretty cool too but the liquor is sugary the waitresses walk around with big bottles and pour it in your mouth i think its liqueur as opposed to straight alc but who cares its free and fun asf

  2. 5
    artistryamongus Submission Feb 19, 2019

    must visit

    Hustler club is the best spot in vegas imo. brought my girl here and even she had a good time i was surprised. my only wish is that the waitresses danced haha they were so good looking damn

  3. 5
    franklin001 Submission Feb 19, 2019


    bro this place is the shit. 10/10 strip joint wow def coming back

  4. 5
    Gentleman1 Submission Feb 14, 2019

    Unreal Experience

    Went to Hustler Club back to back nights because of how much fun it was. It all started when we came from MGM in a limo where the driver gave us each $20 to use towards our cover fee. We pulled up, got out, paid our cover and then the night began. Me and a few of my buddies each found a comfortable seat directly beneath the stage because we got there pretty early in the night, maybe around 8-9 PM. Dancer after dancer came up to the stage and did their thing, they were all incredibly attractive but each in their own way. If you put even a couple of $1’s on the stage they would show you a ton of attention which was cool. Obviously there were dancers that we really liked so we would flood the stage with ones which they really appreciated. This cycle continued on for about 3 hours and every once in a while the waitresses would take the stage and pour free shots for everyone in the immediate area. This eliminated the need for us to buy too many drinks. Even if we did have to buy a drink or two, they were very fairly priced. This place was the best time ever which is why we went back to back nights. A manager inside the club clearly saw that we were the type of customers that he likes to have around (young, happy, courteous, spending money) so he told us that if we wanted to come back the following night he would give us free cover plus 2 free drinks each. This sort of customer service is why I loved this place and why my friends and I went two nights in a row. Hustler Club is awesome.

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